I did Sleddog sport from 1986 to 1994 -World Champion 1992 -

I did Sleddog sport from 1986 to 1994 -World Champion 1992 -


My Role

The "Call of Self", a key concept in Psychosynthesis, is the focus of my work. It is the assumption that every individual has the ability to come in tune, deeply, to a sense of purpose of life.
I help you to re-write your new story, in line with who you are and why it is important for you!



I share with you my experience and professional background-

  • Certified Psychosynthesis Life Coach

  • ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

  • Psychosynthesis Trainer

  • Professional Advanced Counselor in Psychosynthesis

  • Transpersonal Coach and Counselor

  • EcoCounselor

  • EcoTuner

  • Master in Indovedic Psychology

  • Specialized in application of Psychoenergetic in Counseling

  • Professional Life Coach in Green Coaching

  • Certified Master Practitioner NLP

  • World Champion 1992 in Sleddog Sport

  • Professional Member of American Counseling Association, ACA - Staff Member of “The Synthesis Center”, USA - Professional member of Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis, AAP - Professional member IAC, International Association for Counselling - Accredited European Counselor European Association for Counselling, EAC - Associate member AMAC Association for Coaching (Global), AC.
    Certified Professional Coach, ICF PCC; Accredited Mentor IACTM

Transform your limiting beliefs and recognize the models you do not need, activating towards the realization of your goals!

  • Discover your talents and potential and embrace them with confidence and joy

  • Learn to love all who you are, recognizing the value of your wounds as a doorways towards manifesting the Purpose of Your Self

  • Explore and work with the many aspects of your personality, building a deeper sense of wholeness

  • Recognize your core values, your strengths and qualities, achieving your goals with authenticity

  • Build healthier relationships with yourself and with others

  • Learn to trust your intuition and inner voice to make more and more significant choices

  • Empower and inspire yourself to live with more freedom, joy and happiness in every day of your life.

A bit of background:

I'm a Certified Psychosynthesis Life Coach with The Synthesis Center, (Amherst, MA) with whom I also collaborate as a staff member and Psychosynthesis Trainer. I'm currently teaching and managing the Center's "Will to Grow- Psychosynthesis Life Coaching" program.

I graduated from the “Accademia delle Scienze Tradizionali dell’India”  with a Masters in Indovedic Psychology (study of the Sacred Texts of the Vedic Tradition in a psychological context).
Following this I graduated from a Masters program as Counselor in Psychosynthesis and Psychoenergetic.
I have a Master in EcoCounseling and Ecotuning, disciplines that combine Ecopsychology with the art of Counseling and as a Trainer for groups in Nature, specialisations recognized  by IES International Ecopsychology Society). Master in Green Coaching Accredited Association for Coaching (AC).
I have also obtained a Masters in Transpersonal Counseling and a Masters in the application of Psychoenergetic in Counseling, exploring the potential of using subtle energies in my profession and in everyday life.
I worked as a trainer with the Ecopsiché School in the Green Coaching program I developed together with a colleague (Daniela Ferdeghini), based on her original concept.
I am a volunteer in the pediatrics department of our local hospital with ABIO (Italian Association of Hospitalized Children), with responsibility for training volunteers in this sensitive work.
I'm Resilience Practitioner Trainer with College of Wellbeing UK and I have a specialisation in Foundation in Positive Psychology with Penn University, USA.|
Certified NLP Master Practitioner with the American School INLP.

Walking the talk!

I work in different environments ranging from "one on one" meetings with clients at my setting in the Orobian Alps, through on-line sessions with international clients, with group work, both in nature and in educational and health care settings, using techniques rooted in Psychosynthesis, Indovedic Science, Ecopsychology, Psychoenergetics, Pet Relationships, Shamanic Rituals, and PsychosynthesisLife Coaching.


What my clients think:



Lina: I had the pleasure of working with Cristina, a great Coach in my opinion. I've learned to deal with everyday problems more positively, sometimes even as neutral, as if it were not happening to me, I have successfully embodied my past and I'm proud because thanks to her help coming from a different point of view I realized that I'm who I am now, thanks to all that has happened to me in the past... and now with the training that I've had I'm able to move ahead by myself, using all the tools she's given me to face everything, sure that everything makes sense based on the attention paid to it..

Sabrina: In a very hard and difficult time of our life we needed help. Among the various alternatives we had a conversation with Cristina, with whom we immediately created a special relationship, and with whom we then embarked on a journey. Listening, empathy, knowing how to intervene during conversations at the most opportune moments to offer new perspectives. Of course, dealing with such an intense pain as the loss of a child is still a harrowing and lonely experience, a mutilation from which a parent may never recover. But it can and must be shared and outspoken. We have to sow, nourish and collect our dreams daily, and this is what I am learning to do. She surely found a fertile ground in us, as certain changes were in progress, but she helped us make our lives clear in such a difficult time: she was the beacon in a stormy night. My private and professional life has definitely improved, and I feel enriched by the encounter with Cristina.