“Non si può illuminare una stanza oscura cacciando fuori le tenebre, ma solo accendendovi la Luce".” Foster Bailey 1947

“You can’t illuminate a dark room chasing out the shadows, but only by turning on the Light” Foster Bailey, 1947



Do you feel blocked?
Do you feel demotivated? Incomplete and inadequate?
Are you looking to find more about "who" you think you are?
Are you tired of comparing yourself and wanting to increase your self-esteem?
Are you in the middle of a change and you do not know where to go?
or, "simply"...

What I offer:
- Mentor Coaching
- Training in Psychosynthesis Life Coaching PLC (ICF ACSTH)
- Coaching for Well-Being and Personal Leadership
- Coaching in the school environment
- Sport Coaching
- Coaching in the grieving process
- Coaching through Nature
- Transpersonal Counseling
- Counseling Supervision

My work consists of:
- Psychosynthesis Life Coaching , PLC
- Psychosynthesis and Psychoenergetic Counseling
- Sport Coaching trough Psychosynthesis
- Eco-Psychosynthesis
- Psychosynthesis and Vedic Wisdom Tradition
- Vedic Counseling
- Transpersonal Coaching and Counseling
- Counseling Supervision
- Training in PLC
- Coaching Mentoring ICF ACC and PCC Level

I can help you reach the peaks of your awareness to achieve your goals!

The awareness that the will exists, that we have wills and that ultimately we are made of will is the keystone that transforms the life of a person.
My goal is to help people reconnect with their purpose in life by drawing on inner values, looking for meaning in every change, activating the will.
Becoming aware of one’s inner personal power is a transformative process of assuming responsibility for “One Life”, a transpersonal development for a sustainable inner ecology (from ego to eco), a widening of awareness that allows one to see every obstacle as an opportunity of personal growth.
This is the Vision on which my Coaching Mission is based.
Every achievement is just the beginning of a new adventure!

Every achievement is just the beginning of a new adventure!


Some examples of benefits that clients have achieved working with me:

  • Greater self-esteem and self-care

  • Transform your life in line with your 'Call of Self'

  • Convert procrastination into conscious action

  • Greater confidence in communication and relationships

  • Increasing confidence in starting new businesses or new initiatives

  • Ability to clarify and honor priorities in your life around personal values, interests, and purpose

  • Transition from old habitual patterns of relationship to sound satisfactory relationships

  • Get rid of dysfunctional relational models by achieving long-term satisfactory partnerships

  • Extending the perception of reality by discovering new and rewarding inner horizons

  • Personal leadership, trust and motivation to action

  • Resilience


“A happy and healthy life is not a children's fairy tale. All you need is a seed.”

— NADIA Shabazz


How I help you ...


Through "Congruence", or "walking the talk".

Student of Life, passionate and enthusiastic about human potential, I have experience and am expert in accompanying my clients towards their goals with satisfactory results. The extreme situations that life brought me to face taught me what one can not learn at school or study on a text. When the "Crisis" comes with a capital letter, the only knowledge that helps is that which leads to the Essence. This I learned along the way, at very high costs. The study of the texts of Vedic Wisdom and Psychosynthesis have transformed and helped me to find the "Sense" when nothing had any sense anymore. I learned directly that pain exists but that suffering is a choice and not a pathology. Only when I can disidentify myself from a content can I find Peace and the strength to act consciously.
Psychosynthesis was my path to true freedom that I experience every day as a human being: that of choosing to act in line with my "Call of the Self". Since then I am committed to providing a holistic preparation, based on the "Call of the Self" that defines Purpose, Meaning and Unique Values for each person, to achieve the chosen and desired objectives. By guiding clients to anchor themselves more deeply in the Calling of the Self, I help them to bridge the gap between personal and transpersonal dimensions, bringing it as a synthesis in daily life, through practical action. I help the client to recognize the parts of the self (subpersonality) that use the "Will" and the “I”, as the Inner Unifying Center, reflected in the personal consciousness of the Self. The client discovers quickly, surprisingly and with tangible joy, who they have been invited to become: theirself!

Who I am→


"What a man can be, must be. He must be faithful to his own nature. This need can be called ‘Self-Actualization’." A. Maslow


Have you ever been frustrated by lack of motivation?
I help you to help yourself: I'm at the service of your Awareness!