Psychosynthesis Life Coaching

"Coaching in Action - Manifesting the Will in Service of the Purpose"

  • It is based on the principles of Psychosynthesis, a transpersonal psychology
  • It is an orientation towards the growth and development of the highest human potential through the awakening of a sense of Self in respect of its manifestations in the world
  • It offers formidable tools in this field, integrating personal and transpersonal dimensions so that the personality becomes infused with the essence of the soul or the Self itself and acts through its fundamental Purpose, Meaning, and Values
  • It is a relationship of evolutionary growth, a work of  "Transformation", designed to contact our Personal Power and transform our lives towards the Purpose, Meaning and Values defining our Self.
  • It is a Systemic vision, incorporating self-organizing tension (tendency to synthesis) through "Presencing" as a deeply creative evolutionary process that follows the movement of the emerging future.
  • It is a powerful human relationship in which we, as Guides, assist our clients, as Travelers, in designing and achieving their future rather than continually turning back to the past, overcoming the inevitable obstacles on this path
  • The Self is the point of leverage from which we work. Without this point, we are de-energized. As Archimedes said. "Give me a lever and I'll move the world!" If we want to elevate ourselves, the point where we need to be is the Self!

        The distinctive feature of Psychosynthesis Life Coaching is its emphasis on the Self, the Center of Consciousness and Will, which is above and beyond the vehicles (body, emotions and mind) through which the I expresses itself: the I can "witness as the Observer and the Director" the flow of content in consciousness and external behaviors from a detached and objective point of view. The alignment to the "Call of Self" permits the flow of energy and creativity in manifestation of life goals with emphasis on personal and transpersonal will, exploring the clients's values and highest goals by conveying vision from the realm of ideas to the practicalities of daily life, firmly anchoring it in the everyday world to create specific and practical changes in the way of living and acting.

The Self is always there and calls you to become the One you are destined to be: yourself, shining so intensely to enlighten the path for those who meet you, creating change and transformation in your world and in that where we all live.

YOU ARE READY! The moment is now! Let's do it together.

In Psychosynthesis Life Coaching we “see” the emergence of the person's needs as a result of Self-Realization or of the evolutionary development of the Soul and its "will to be” in the process of Self-Actualization. 



psychology map

The Mandala of Psyche - Ovoid: an archetypal symbol representing the universal cosmic principle Hiraṇyagarbha.
It is divided into three parts: lower, middle and upper unconscious.
In the central circle, the field of consciousness: the I is represented by the point in the center; at the top of the higher unconscious there is a star representing the Higher Self, and at the bottom of the lower unconscious another star representing the Lower Self. The Self radiates all the psyche and is present everywhere.


the star diagram of psychological functions

Physiology of the psyche:
The action of the personal I is through the use of sensations, impulses, emotions, thoughts, images and intuitions, psychic functions that can be harmonized to creatively create the emerging future of your self.


SUBpersonlity map

Simple and powerful tool for discovering the inner voices and impulses from the various subpersonalities, discovering their needs and transpersonal qualities in order to be able to integrate and strengthen the Self at the service of the Self.


My job is to guide you to feel the courage that is within you to do what you already know how to do: transform your fear into inspired actions, taking care of yourself radically, engaging in conscious and responsible actions so that you can shine your own light and live the life you are destined to live, consciously and satisfactorily.

Dare to dream, and follow your way!